Jacqueline's Journey

A Voice for Those Without One

 Working with the Wisconsin Department of Justice and WiSaki (WI Sexual Assault Kit Initiative) to be a voice to help pass Wisconsin Bills AB214 and AB358 regarding DNA Backlog and untested sexual assault kits*.  Jacqueline spoke at a press conference at Wisconsin State Capitol and West Allis City Hall on December 3, 2019 and was Featured in Milwaukee, Madison, and
US World News television stations.

 [Google US World News and WI State Journal] 
*Find out more about the nationwide DNA Backlog by watching the HBO Documentary “I AM EVIDENCE” by Marishka Hargitay and the Joyful Heart Foundation.

Coffee With Kim Podcast

Heather Taylor
(Co-host; Coffee With Kim)

Don't miss the chance to hear Jacqueline tell us how she found strength to make it through the night and what gave her the determination to take back her life and help other women. You will get to meet Jacqueline Jaske.

Who is she?




SHE IS A SURVIVOR of a horrific night
of terror that she suffered all while her young
son was in the very next room!

FEW: Passivity vs. Passion

What an extraordinary FEW Women’s Forum today!
FEW Author, Jackie Jaske told her deeply touching and vulnerable breakthrough story and encouraged us to tells our own. FEW Ambassador, Jane Guffy spoke beautifully and from her heart about women embracing the call to be Life-givers, whether naturally or spiritually. Tamara Liebe Fink, our Hospitality Ambassador, knocked it out of the park with a delish breakfast and chocolate dipped Valentines for every woman there. Such love!! And to top it off, we got to hear from Alycia Johnson as she told of the extraordinary heart and vision she and  Courtney Jean Wieland share as they forge the God-ordained path of Tirzah Place.

Kimberly Joy Krueger;
Founder of FEW