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Take Away Yesterday

A true account of my personal story: I woke up alone in my bed, startled awake by the sound of voices coming from my living room. Subconsciously,
I was wearing black to mourn the death within me.
I woke up to a reality that would change life as I
knew it. This death was so painful yet numbing. I was not angry; I was hurting so deeply that it numbed
every emotion, every bone, and every muscle.
I felt lifeless. My sister asked, "What can I do?"
I was halted...stopped dead in my tracks...frozen...paralyzed. I didn't know if I
would ever move again. How would I ever catch
up with the world? I replied, "You can take away yesterday." Over the next 24 years, I would find my purpose in surviving and make dreams of
writing and speaking a reality and knowing...



Book Reviews

I read your story. One of my program directors walked in while I was reading it and asked 'Are you ok?’ based on the look on my face. I hope you take this as intended—that as I read it I was heartbroken for you as a survivor and as a mother. I am so sorry that this man did what he did to you and your son. I’m also so thankful that you both survived and that you have unearthed the survivor in you who, today, helps so many others.

This book—especially your story—will be a healing resource for many of our clients. While every word is compelling and your journey is so beautifully captured, you nailed the impact of the judicial process on survivors. 'ON. OFF. PAUSE. REWIND. REPEAT. RELIVE.' Giving credit to you for writing it, of course, I know I will find myself using these 6 words often to demonstrate why the Rape Crisis Center and other organizations like ours MUST to be present with survivors for as long as a survivor needs us. And how strong survivors are. You are an amazing woman who I am honored to know.  Thank you for all you do. I greatly appreciate your
support for our agency through this donation.


Until we meet again, with warm regards, Erin

—Erin Thornley Parisi;
Executive Director | Rape Crisis Center, Inc.



Jacqueline with her book

Book Reviews

“Congratulations to you!! Me and my daughters read your story together. POWERFUL! Chilling! Heart Wrenching! Yet, I balled like a baby reading that Zach became a first responder, etc. What the enemy intended for harm was used for good! Bless you!”

— Becca Faye Grambort