Book Summary
FEW International publications is happy to bring you more than just another collection of tales. These are powerful women’s stories of breakthrough. Break through to a higher calling, a life transformation, or a new life free from struggle. Not only will readers experience true testimonies of impactful breakthroughs from seventeen women, ten of whom are #1 Bestselling authors, but these stories – about careers, families, personal identity, and overcoming struggles ranging from violent attacks, to the loss of loved ones – will provide insights for achieving your own desired breakthroughs.

In a valuable teaching on The Breakthrough FormulaTM peppered between these provocative tales, learn about faith, truth, personal responsibility,
proper tools, and solid support to get you through the life-changing breakthrough your spirit needs!

The Breakthrough Effect

  • "Take Away Yesterday" By Jacqueline Jaske

    A true account of my personal story: I woke up alone in my bed, startled awake by the sound of voices coming from my living room. Subconsciously, I was wearing black to mourn the death within me. I woke up to a reality that would change life as I knew it. This death was so painful yet numbing. I was not angry; I was hurting so deeply that it numbed every emotion, every bone, and every muscle I felt lifeless. My sister asked, "What can I do?" I was halted...stopped dead in my tracks...frozen...paralyzed. I didn't know if I would ever move again. How would I ever catch up with the world? I replied, "You can take away yesterday." Over the next 24 years, I would find my purpose in surviving and make dreams of writing and speaking a reality and knowing...