Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline, Jackie, Jac, J, Mom

This is who I am, the last being my favorite. Born Jacqueline Jaske in Milwaukee, WI number 6 of 7 children. My childhood,
growing up in a small town, living on the lake, the life dreams are made of. Loving nature at a young age, surrounded by the
Kettle Moraine Forest and the lake as our front yard.
Friendships. Family. Adventure.
Life changes, you grow up, face challenges
long before you thought you would have to. 

August 1994 my son and I would be forever changed
at the hands of a troubled stranger.
Now searching for justice, purpose and healing.
Youth to adult. Parent. Protector to victim. Survivor to advocate.
I can now connect the dots back to 3rd grade through a life of many struggles, a near death experience, relationships good
and bad that would mold and shape my sense of self.
Still a work in progress.... 

The dots, my “By Accident on Purpose” moments in life that connect, in hindsight to now finding my path. It took me 24 years but I found the purpose of all those “dots” lighting my way. Many of my “by accident” moments but God’s purpose led me to the worst struggles, the best friends, and a journey unfolding. 

In Gratitude,



We all have a story,
we don't have to live in the
pages and we can write a new
ending over and over until we
love sharing the book.

-Jacqueline Jaske

Finding Strength in the Struggles

The impactful, painful, and I'm sure that sounded better in your head; comments and questions in the moments, days, and years following the trauma as a victim of a violent home invasion and sexual assault followed
me on my 24 year healing journey.  Words can be engraved in our mind to
keep us in the pain and stored somewhere deep down inside hidden by sadness, anger, and fear.

In the sorrow, shock, and numbness of grief many of the right words,
like an unheard whisper, just get lost in time standing still.   Words have an assignment, what we think and speak can become our truth. If we make these words our story we might be stuck in the make believe world of doubt. We all have a story, we don’t have to live in the pages and we can write a new ending over and over until we love sharing the book.


What People Say

—Paulette Koeppen

“Thank you so much for sharing your deepest hurt today with so many... You are an amazing woman and mother!! I know you will continue to help so many, in their journey of hurt... God bless you Jackie”