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Survivor, Author, Public Speaker, Advocate


When we deny the ​​story,
it defines us.

When we own the story,
we can write a brave new ending.

- Brené Brown


by accident on purpose

Sharing My Story

In search of my purpose for 24 years.....
For years the “why” was in the way of the purpose. We survived.
I knew I was supposed to do something better with this pain. "By accident on purpose” I was given a “gift” of a life coach and the gift of my answer. She is a writer and publisher.... Writing “Take Away Yesterday” led to the opportunity
to speak with the WI Department of Justice to share our story with first responders, advocates, survivors, and more by telling the painful details to help with how victims are supported. Now honored to speak for several organizations. Each time I tell our story I have some of the same emotional symptoms from “that” night, but it gives me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.... A purpose. 


I found faith, strength in struggles, grace, and gratitude. 

By being a voice for my son and those who didn’t get the identity or closure in their own story, I found mine.


What People Say

— Kimberly Joy Kreuger, Author & founder of FEW

“I am BEYOND INSPIRED BY YOU!!! I'm so so proud of your courage and so grateful God crossed our paths! Keep going! Don't stop! Keep putting this demand on those in power!”

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